We are Black Pepper PR.

A London based boutique Agency, which strives to work with brands to communicate their key messages effectively to target audiences and media. We are really focused on Gen Y as we are millennial and are confident that we understand ourselves better than anyone else! Maintaining honesty and integrity as well as being transparent is important to us, we cut out all the PR jargon and just keep it real.


Plan, aim & shoot!

We can assist you in strategizing and planning a campaign right from the inception to the very end. We can come up with a project plan and brief, which we can work on implementing according to a timeline. 


Curate together everywhere.

Ever heard the phrase ‘content is king’? Well if not you’ve heard it now, we believe this. That’s why we are passionate about assisting you in producing content that provokes purpose based thinking, sparks conversation and inspires change. 


Resonates with your audience.

Social media platforms are important in communicating brand messages to audiences. We help brands to come up with unique strategies which reflect on their brand ethos and values. Developing a unified tone of voice.

We believe that we all have a unique story to tell
as it makes us who we are.

As a company our main purpose with brands is to help tell
their story and communicate their message with the world.

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Enterprise Projects — EMNL

Designed and built with care

We partner with EMNL Consultancy on youth led projects which shed light on some of the following aspects: Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity and Young People.

We feel that there is no better way to tackle youth issues than by getting those concerned, involved in projects.

We believe that this is valuable to both as it gives organisations an opportunity to enter the worlds of young people and understand things from their point of view. Meanwhile, it allows them to get involved in productive activity, voice their opinions and earn.  

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Black Pepper PR is consistently resourceful, they strategically had Vivid popping up in all the right places


Black Pepper understood exactly what we needed as a brand.


Black Pepper PR gives me just the right amount of spice to go with my cooking. A great company that understands and nutures my passion.